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Meet the Team

Emily Gades - Permanency Support Program Caseworker.jpg

Emily is a Permanency Support Program Caseworker in our Dapto office. 

We asked her a couple of questions about her job here
at WCF. 

What does your role entail?
As a permanency support program caseworker, I work with children, carers and natural families to support the day to day care of children in out of home care. We aim to keep children connected to family and culture, whilst ensuring they are having positive relationships with their foster families, and all their needs are met.


We work closely with our clinical team and our wellbeing team to provide children with therapeutic support and opportunities. Caseworkers are able to get involved in Wellbeing activities such as Kids Club and holiday programs, which is a great opportunity to have some fun with the kids!


What does it mean to work at WCF?
Working at WCF, I am surrounded by a great team and management. I feel supported, encouraged and provided a space to enhance my skills. I have been able to forge great working relationships with our own WCF staff but external services.


What does it mean to support our children and young people?
Being able to support our children and young people is very rewarding and fulfilling. It is a privilege to be a part of our children’s and young people's lives, no matter how big or small that part may be.


What are the values that drive you?
The values that drive me is kindness, authenticity, respect and passion.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?

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