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Our Carer Stories

From the heart

Meet Mick and Monique

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You may be familiar with Mick and Monique; they’ve featured on our television ads, their faces have been on display for William Campbell Foundation.


We’d like to take the time now to shine a spotlight on Mick and Monique and their story, to paint a deeper picture of the lives of our carers. The journey they took to come to Foster Care, the highs, the joys, and what they’ve learned through the process.

“A friend was a foster care which prompted us to do this [the] time was right, [it] fit in with our boys, [so] we made the move to look into it”

Word of mouth is an amazing tool to help encourage people to know that they can be the difference in the life of children and young people in our community. Mick and Monique are quite clear here that they aren’t superheroes who did a superhuman thing. They heard about a need, saw that they had the ability to help, and did it, “we are short term carers – which simply means we are able to care for children in care.”

There are a number of avenues for carers aside from adoption which often gets the bulk of the spotlight. Mick and Monique offer short term care, which means they provide a safe home at short notice and care for a child or young person for as short as an overnight stay to as long as six months until a suitable long term permanent home is found. 

During a time of uncertainty and change, children and young people need consistency and routine, and that’s something that Monique remembers clearly about the first child they cared for. “When Chloe first came to live with us – she was brought to us in crisis, she had nothing – it was very strange, it was very hard – you’ve got to remember these little children have gone through so much. With constant predictability, safety, security, love, she’s just flourished, and that’s what every child needs. She’s part of our family now.”

Additionally, the couple is aware of their role in the lives of these children and young people who are in such a tumultuous time in their lives, “the main aim with fostering is hopefully a restoration with their family or with their parent… [Often] It’s working together – the child stays in care – but also mum, dad, [and] family members take steps in taking the child long term.”

Mick and Monique have taken on a very difficult task, “It’s been the hardest thing I’ve done… [But] becoming a carer was the best thing we’ve done.” And whilst the transition to taking on this role has difficult, “with the support and the help from the agency, you’re never on your own, and there’s always help out there.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Foster Care, we would love to hear from you! 

You can either fill in an online enquiry form by clicking here or

Phone us on 1300 000 WCF to chat to our Carer Team.

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