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Our Founder

Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell is an inspirational, passionate an incredible man.

Anyone who has met Bill will say the same thing. 

Bill's Autobiography 'Rejected, no more' is available for purchase!

Bill's story is powerful, sad, joyful and motivating all in one. 

Bill was a child in foster care. At a young age, he was separated from his twin sisters and placed in foster care and other institutions. 

Bill suffered abuse and trauma that no child should ever endure, and only at the age of 57, was he able to tell his story.

"The trauma I experience at such a young age... It followed me into my adult years and tormented me every day.

But, I finally was able to find my peace and lay those demons to rest."

"I have been really enjoying reading Bill's book and discovering his story and how it has contributed to the beginning of the WC Foundation."

- Chloe

"I have been so moved by Bill's story. This is so worth reading! Achingly sad and yet so hopeful at the same time! I am amazed by his resilience and perseverance and his ultimate discovery of faith! What a legacy!"

- Andrea

"The first pages got tears in my eyes.. I so could feel the abandonment and identify with him. Our past is not always easy and reading Bills brought back to me the many disappointments I experienced as well as the healing. Thank you Bill for sharing this with us".

- Ryan

Bill was a successful businessman in the Illawarra region. He met the love of his life, Dawn and were proud parents to Donna, their only child.


Close to the age of retirement, Bill decided he wanted to build a Foundation that would support children and young people in need. Together, Bill and Dawn vowed to die with their boots on and open the William Campbell Foundation. 

Bill wanted to ensure that children in his local community did not suffer as he did, and made a strong focus on keeping siblings together wherever possible. Bill recently handed over the CEO role to WCF operation Manager, Sonia Liddicoat. Bill is still very much involved in the organisation as Founder and Chairman, regularly attending events and speaking at local churches. His vision and story is instilled across the Foundation and will continue too long into the future. 

We encourage you to watch Bill's story below

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