Change a life. 

Become a foster carer. 

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Change a life.

Become a Foster Carer.

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Bill's Autobiography
'Rejected, no more' available now!

Have you ever considered becoming a Foster Carer? We would love to hear from you. 

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A child in care himself, Bill has an incredible story of survival, motivation, hardship, and love. 

Through Christ-centred care, we are committed to supporting and creating positive opportunities to empower children, young people, individuals, and families.

We are a not-for-profit Christian organisation based on the South Coast of NSW supporting
vulnerable children and young people in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra. 

support those at most risk in our community. 

Permanency Support Program 

(Foster Care)

Restoration, Guardianship, Open Adoption, and Foster Care are all apart of the Permanency Support Program. 

Learn more about what you could do to support vulnerable children. 

Family Support Services

At times children, young people and families need extra support and guidance. 

Offering Family Time, Transport, Mentoring, Educational Support, and Family Preservation, our team helps to strengthen families in times of need. 

Clinical Services

We work with our children and young people to support them in their healing process. 

Many children who come into care, unfortunately, come with trauma. Our team uses the ARC Therapeutic Model of Care

to build skills that focus on resilience,

self-regulation, and developmental needs. 

Chaplaincy, Wellbeing and

Support Program

We are one of the few agencies in Australia that provide full-time Chaplaincy to our children, young people, families, carers, and staff.


Our team provide emotional and spiritual support through Kids Club, SWAG and Shine Camps, mentoring, music lessons, life story work, and life skills. Our team provides
a holistic, caring support network for those who require support.