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Find out the different ways you can donate below

Donations can change lives.

Donate                              Celebration Giving                                         Leaving a Gift in your Will                                         Workplace Giving


One-off, or monthly, donations can help change a life.


By donating to William Campbell Foundation, your money goes directly to supporting vulnerable children and young people in the communities of the Shoalhaven and Illawarra. 

Big or small, your donation matters. 

Celebration Giving
Do something different this year and donate on behalf of something or someone special to you.

You can also donate on behalf of a birthday, for those who have passed or a special occasion. 

Leaving a Gift in your Will

A gift that never stops giving. 

By leaving a part of your legacy to William Campbell Foundation, you are able to help children and young people in the local community. 

You can choose a specific program you would like your gift to go, or you can leave it up to us to direct your gift to the program in most need of support.


Our dedicated team will support you through your decision. Contact us today to chat about leaving a gift in your will to William Campbell Foundation. 

Workplace Giving

Do your employees want to give back to the community?

Workplace Giving promotes staff engagement, positive workplace culture and enables employees to support a cause they are passionate about. 

Workplace Giving is where a business and it's employees support an organisation through donations of toys, gifts, money, food or anything else they would like to contribute. 

Different ways businesses have supported WCF:

  • Donation Tin at store

  • No chocolate month - every time you want or mention chocolate, the employee owes the chocolate jar $1

  • $1 a day - each employee takes turns in donating $1 to the jar

  • Takeaway Food Challenge - each employee once a month matches the cost of their takeaway meal 

There are many other fun ways you can give to WCF! Contact us to find out more, or to chat to our team about Workplace Giving. 

Our Promise

A donation, big or small will make a difference for the children and young people we support.

Becoming a Foster Carer

Becoming a Foster Carer

Have you ever considered becoming a Foster Carer?

Find out more

Volunteering with WCF

Volunteering with WCF

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about what we do, meet our teams, work with our kids and make a positive impact on their lives. 

Find out more

WCF Supporter

Becoming a WCF Supporter


When you support WCF, you are supporting kids in need.  

Find out more 

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