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William Campbell College

One of the visions when building William Campbell Foundation was to see a purpose built school developed and constructed. The vision for the school was to provide an holistic approach towards the needs of children and young people including education, health, welfare, social, cultural, emotional and spiritual. The model of the school has far reaching effects both for the child's personal growth and for the community, which will reap the benefits of each child eventually becoming a dignified and mature adult who can bring to society the benefits of their educational and personal achievements. 

The College caters for a range of students who may have suffered significant trauma or experienced time in out-of-home care. They may be disengaged from school or struggling in mainstream education due to a range of social, emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties.

The uniqueness of the school allows for teachers and staff to work in a cohesive manner with permanency support staff from William Campbell Foundation. This allows a greater understanding of the children's individual needs.

January 2010

In January 2010, William Campbell College opened it doors with registration by the NSW Board of Studies, acknowledging that the school is unique in its concept and vision. In spite of the fact that we were able to collate excellent empirical evidence to support the continuance of the school, due to a severe lack of Government financial support (both state and federal) William Campbell College was closed in September of 2014. 

As more and more evidence is emerging that shows a desperate need for specific educational support for children in out of home care, the Foundation's vision remains strong. 

The future of William Campbell College

The closure has not deterred us from planning the future for our purpose-built school to be constructed on our farming property at Nowra Hill. If anything, it has made us more determined to see the construction of the school come to pass. 

With the recent Shoalhaven Council approval of our modified school plans which were designed by Katrina Scobie of Dual Design, we have reached a stage where we can now resume the building of our “Special Assistance School” on the farm. The construction of the modified design will be made in three stages consisting of three classrooms accommodating 20 students at any one time in each classroom. 

Our build will commence in May 2022 with a finish date of November 2022. 

The school will be primarily an Agricultural learning centre consisting of agriculture, permaculture, aquaculture, music arts, and crafts.  

We are delighted to share the Dimensional Design Illustrations showing the finished product.


We are very thankful to our supporters

Without the support we have received from various different stakeholders, MP's and grant funds through donations, advocacy and tireless support we would not be achieving the goals we have today and striving to where we want to be tomorrow. 

Any financial material or physical assistance would be sincerely appreciated from not only our Organisation but from the children who will benefit and acquire a future through better education.

You can easily make an enquiry for further information or if you are interested in assisting on the fundraising committee or other area.

If you are interested in supporting William Campbell College please contact Hollea at

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