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Types of
Foster Care

"Anybody can do fostering, and there is always a place in it, a role for everybody." - Alan, William Campbell Foundation Carer

What types of Foster Care are there?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Carer Team will be conducting information sessions and assessments differently to adhere to the regulations. We appreciate your understanding during this time. We look forward to receiving your interest in becoming a Foster Carer.

Long Term Foster Care is when the above permanent care options are not suitable, long term foster care will be considered. During the initial enquiry and assessment stage, your Intake, Assesment and Support Officer will discuss the above permanency goals with you. 

To find out more about becoming a Foster Carer please click here

Restoration is when a child or young person is reunited with their family or kin. During the restoration, we need carers who can provide care for children and young people and build relationships with their families so they can safely return home. 

As an agency, we work closely with the child's family to support the restoration, as well as providing significant support and guidance to our carers.

To read more about Restoration, please click here

Guardianship is where a relative, kinship or authorised carer seeks long term parental responsibility for a child or young person through the NSW Children's Court. Where a guardianship order is granted, the guardian will be responsible for all decisions about the child or young person until they reach 18 years of age.

To read more about Guardianship please click here

Open Adoption (non-Aboriginal children and young people) provides permanent care for a child or young person who are unable to live with their family. Adopting a child or young person means that all legal rights and responsibilities are transferred from the parents to the adoptive parents.

WCF is currently working towards becoming an Accredited Adoption Agency to support our children and young people through the continuum of the permanency support goal. 

To read more about Open Adoption please click here

​​Immediate/Short Term Care is giving a child or young person a safe home at short notice. The child may stay with you overnight or up to six months. During this time, our team assesses suitable permanent placement options for the child.

To read more about becoming an Immediate/Short Term Carer please click here. ​

Respite Care involves having a child or young person in your care for short stays. This could be regular weekends, school holidays or overnight stays. Many of our carers who have been with WCF for a number of years, started off by doing respite care before shifting into other types of care. Respite care is a great way to start your foster caring journey. 

To find out more about becoming a Foster Carer please click here

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Permanency Support Program

Read more about our

Permanency Support Program

Becoming a Foster Carer.jpg

Becoming a Foster Carer

Find out more about the steps

to becoming a foster carer

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You are supported

We support you so you can support the children in your care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are from real people interested in becoming a foster carer

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Our Carers

Hear from some of our carers

about their foster care journey

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Bill's Story

A child in care himself, Bill's story has inspired many people in our community

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