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Meet our Board of Directors and CEO

Bill Campbell.jpg

Bill Campbell, OAM, JP

Founder, Chairman

My childhood experiences have been the catalyst in formulating our vision in providing for abused, neglected and homeless children.

As we achieve each success our vision reinforces my desire to see the Foundation grow and become increasingly active in the lives of more and more children. It is rewarding to me that 83% of the children we have in care are sibling groups which were the main reason for setting up the Foundation.

Sonia Liddicoat.jpg

Sonia Liddicoat

Chief Executive Officer

When children, young people, families and individuals experience trauma or significant life stressors it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.


"Nothing makes me more driven to be able to provide a place of healing and support to our most vulnerable people to assist them in finding healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can become complete, safe and happy in themselves through our therapeutic care and interventions. We are all-heart at William Campbell Foundation and that is something that I am very proud of."


Dawn Campbell.jpg

Dawn Campbell

Board Member

I see myself as someone who is overseeing the organisation and that the children are receiving the best possible accommodation, care, and educational opportunities.

Being a Board Member means I play a supportive role to our management, staff, and carers.  I have enjoyed the role of Board member for 20 years and contributed to the Board Meetings by making sandwiches, hot finger food, cups of tea and coffee as well as being involved in major decisions.  

Kerrie Lindsay

Kerrie Lindsay

Board Member

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to work with courageous young people who have had experiences that they should not know about let alone have encountered. Being a member of the Board of the William Campbell Foundation has allowed me to continue to support caring and supportive individuals who take every opportunity to improve the lives of young people who have had a traumatic life. 

Every child has the right to live in a happy, safe and caring environment. The William Campbell Foundation aims to support young people who have not been provided the opportunity to live the life they deserve.


Donna Jones

Donna Jones

Board Member

Being a Board Member since the inception of WCF has been an honour, to be able to participate in serving the Foundation and most importantly the children we care for in this way.

Good Governance, accountability, compliance, and being able to help promote and protect the vision of our Founder is a top priority for me. And the best part? Hearing feedback from children in their words about how WCF has helped them, and to hear from carers and staff about how much they enjoy being part of William Campbell Foundation!


Kimberley Jones.png

Kimberley Jones

Board Member

I am motivated to see children and young people who are vulnerable or in at risk situations receive a holistic approach to treatment and intervention.

Stories of recovery and flourishing lives from children and young people who had the world against them inspires me to keep working hard towards my PhD and making a difference in children’s lives.


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